Iron Knights

Three best friends uncover a brooding secret in a deserted castle: three huge mechanical knights. They set about repairing them but their enthusiasm turns to panic when the Iron Knights turn out to be almost completely evil and frankly bonkers. To rid their village of these monsters, they must become knights themselves.

Can 3 boys masquerading as real knights destroy the Iron Knights who are terrorising their village of Four Frogs?

Putting the Evil back into Medieval.

What the kids at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards Say

The readers thought this book was excellent. They liked the opening paragraph very much (particularly the boy readers) and they thought the plot was fun and exciting. One reader put, ‘This story is very funny. I liked Venn the most.’ All of the young readers loved the ‘completely evil iron knights’ and the way the boys had to stop them from destroying the village of Four Frogs. One reader (teacher) put, ‘What I liked most about this story was how well the author understood boys’ mentality. Everything they did in the story, even the way they spoke and what they spoke about perfectly showed off the attitude of young lads.’

Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards