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Insights: Q&A with a start-up publisher

We interviewed our very own Robin Bennett (a.k.a the knight on the home page) for an insight into his journey to the present and his plans for Monster Books in the future. Here's what he had to say:  How did you start out in the children’s book...

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My Week: Cover art, Space Dragons

Monster Books is getting its Spring 2018 catalogue ready, so I’ve been grappling with front covers over the last few days. Like ice skating, eating porridge and shopping for new trousers, it’s an activity I think I should enjoy but, actually, I don’t. I love going to...

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English Folklore For Teenagers & Young Adults

This latest book is in celebration of Picus the Thief - one of the best books vampire books for teens and young adults of 2011. Since Gormenghast and Middle Earth, English writers melding English folklore with European folklore have produced some of the best books for...

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Extracts From The Library Of The Great John Thistle

Extracts from the library of the late John Thistle, Esteemed Angleland Faie. Taken from award-winning Small vampires Book Series for teens and young adults. On the rules of magik Everything on Earth that exists is in a state of Being and is therefore aware of Itself...

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